Service With a Smile

The core foundation in our business is customer care. We patiently answer all our potential customer’s questions, correcting any misinformation or any concerns they may have throughout the probate process that can take up to 18 months on average. Sometimes we must advise them that a probate cash advance may not be appropriate for them. This is not always the case for our competitors. They understandably want to close a deal, but often do so without much consideration for the customer and their specific needs.

Our funding process takes a couple of days. During this time, our team is available to heirs as they continue to contact us with many questions. Most individuals do not have very much knowledge regarding the probate process, nor how the Court supervised system works. Sometimes after spending a great amount of time with an heir, they decide a cash advance is not for them.

We thank them for the opportunity to serve them and we wish them well. Perhaps they will come back to us if a future advance is necessary. At the very least, they may pass on a future referral to us. Our goal is to impart knowledge to our customers – potential, current and future.