How Long Does It Take To Receive A Probate Cash Advance?

It generally takes Probate Inheritance 3 – 5 business days to fund a probate cash advance.  The two questions that may come to mind are, how can you do it so quickly?, or why does it take so long?  Honestly, it all depends on the Estate.  If you are a rightful Heir, very little else matters but the status of the Estate and its assets.

When you contact us for a cash advance, we generally already have some knowledge about the Estate.  An Estate administrator has made a filing with the Court, listing the probable Heirs, and an estimated net value of the Estate.

Our job is to verify that you are an Heir, and that your share of the assets of the Estate are sufficient to satisfy the assignment.  Our cash advance is a non-recourse transaction.  We provide you cash and you assign us a portion of your share of the Estate.  Our assignment is repaid from your portion of the Estate, when the Estate assets are eventually distributed.  Distribution in a typical Probate estate is about 12 – 24 months from the time the administration begins.

Many times, we are contacted by Heirs that are about to lose valuable property to foreclosure.  Often, we are able to help forestall foreclosure, and provide cash to save Estate assets.  We have a number of cases where we have been able to advance cash in less than 3 days.  We will work with you to provide funds as soon as possible.