About Us

Probate Inheritance is a division of California based Advance Inheritance LLC. We were founded more than 12 years ago, and during that period we have funded thousands of Heir cash advances. Our company is self-funded and we are not Brokers. This should help insure our Clients that they are receiving competitive terms, and that we make our own decisions to issue advances.

We have numerous competitors, but we sincerely believe we do the best job for our Clients. While we do not offer legal advice, we spend the time and effort to explain the Probate process to prospective customers. We often find a Caller needs assistance to protect their inheritance, and we are quick to recommend they secure help from an Attorney. Also, an Heir cash advance is not right for every situation. Once again, we give the caller our best alternative suggestions.

Many individuals contacting us reveal they have spoken to some of our competitors, but were met with rude and hurried responses. They often show little concern for the welfare of the Heir. We too wish to make an advance, but we want the caller to fully understand the process and the costs. The probate process currently takes between one and two years before the estate is settled and funds are distributed. By treating our Clients properly, they often return to us for an additional advance. We genuinely care about the welfare of our Clients